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Brian(B.K.) Kelly
Brian is back after taking a year off. He is taking the next step in becoming a state champ after a bad year at state his sophomore year. Brian is very quick and will use his quicks to get his takedowns. his quicks combined with the conditioning that he is going through, is going to make him a top contender for the state title this year.
District Finalist, 103 (2000)
3rd @ Regionals (2000)
Battle at the Boarder Champ, 103 (2001)
District champ(2001)
Regional champ(2001)
State Participant, 103 (2001)
4th at state, 103, (2000)
Tyler(Tyrone) Marshall
Tyler is one of the hardest workers on the team. He has fairly good quicks and a good single.  He is always willing to learn, and he is always trying to improve on things. Last year he was not the wrestler to win a lot of tournaments, but he always got it done down below.
District Finalist, 103 (2002)
3rd @ Regionals, 103 (2002)
State Participant, 103 (2002)
Dustin(knockout king) Chellson
Dustin has been wrestling for a long time, since he was 6. So he has the experiance. He has good motion in his stance, so he can get people to make mistakes for good takedowns. Dustin has a good motor on him as well, so he can go hard for all 3 rounds. He'll be on you for the whole time.
Battle at the Border Finalist, 112 (2002)
Cashmere Invitational Champion, 112 (2002)
Castle Rock Invitational Champion, 112 (2002)
Whitehorse Invitational Champion, 112 (2002)
3rd @ Districts, 112 (2002) 
2nd @ Regionals, 112 (2002)
State Participant, 112 (2002)

Colt is a good all around wrestler, he has the takedowns, he has the upper body skills, and he has a switch that is beyond explination. he had a good showing at state last year, beating Alex Clark of Tonasket, to get in to the tournament, and the beating Anthony Kautz of Castle Rock the number 1 ranked wrestler. Look for him to be a top contender at 125.
District Champion, 112 (2002)
5 @ Regionals, 112 (2002)
6th @ State, 112 (2002)
Anthony(AZ) Zender
I am good on my feet, and i can use my quicks to get takedowns. On bottom no one can hold me down. I have good stamina so i can go hard all 3 rounds.
Squalicum Wrestlerama Finalist, 103 (2000)
Top 8 @ Tri State, 119 (2001)
King of the County Champion, 119 (2001)
District Champion, 119 (2001)
Regional Champion, 119 (2001)
4th @ State, 119 (2001)
Battle at the Border Champion, 125 (2002)
Cashmere Champion, 125 (2002)
King of the County Champion, 125 (2002)
Whitehorse Champion, 125 (2002)
District Champion, 125 (2002)
Regional Champion, 125 (2002)
2nd @ State, 125 (2002)
Craig(action) Jackson
Craig is good on his feet, he has good flow and motion in his stance. He can go upper body too, he was a Greco Roman State Champ. Craig is going to be a top contender for the state title.
King of the valley champion, 119 (2001)
King of the county Finalist, 125 (2001)
District Champion, 125 (2001)
3rd @ Regionals, 125 (2001)
State Participant, 125 (2001)
King of the Valley Finalist, 135 (2002)
King of the County Champion, 135 (2002)
2nd @ District, 135 (2002)
3rd @ Regionals, 135 (2002)
4th @ State, 135 (2002)

Trent (Smallmouth) Baisden
Trent is a very experianced wrestler as he has been to state 2 times. He is very scrappy so he is good at scrambling. He also has the ability to go upperbody with his opponents, he is long.
3rd @ Districts, 103 (2000)
4th @ Regionals, 103 (2000)
State Participant, 103 (2000)
3rd @ Districts, 112 (2001)
5th @ Regionals, 112 (2001)
State Participant, 112 (2001)
Whithorse Champion, 119 (2002)
King of the County Champion, 119 (2002)
3rd @ Districts, 119 (2002)
Josh (C-3P0) Little
Josh probably has the hardest head on the team, when he gets in with his head you can certianly feel it. Your more worried about how much your head hurts than to noticed that he in taking one of his nice power double shots on you. Josh also has a very solid stance. Hard to shoot on.
King of the County Finalist, 140 (2002)
3rd @ Districts, 140 (2002)
3rd @ Regionals, 140 (2002)
State Participant, 140 (2002)
BJ (Shaggy) Vavra
BJ is one of the strongest guys on the team, he is very good at setting up stuff going upper body. Because of his strength he has a VERY solid stance, so he is very hard to shot on. If someone shots they better comit or else they will be caught. 
Cashmere Invitational Fianalist, 145 (2002)
Castle Rock Champion, 145 (2002)
King of the County Champion, 145 (2002)
District Champion, 145 (2002)
Regional Champion, 145 (2002)
6th @ State, 145 (2002)


Alan (Wolverine) Grimes

Alan is also one of the Strongest guys on the team. He wrestle Varsity 145 in 2001, but then took a year off. Now he is back and is looking strong look for him to be a placer in the state Tournament this year.


C.J. (G-wiz) Warren

C.J. Is an upper body guy. He likes to throw and really get his hips in. He has a good shot and is pretty good at hitting a switch on defence.

2nd @ Districts, 160 (2002)


J.C. George

J.C. Is a freshman this year. Last year he won a folkstyle state championship. This year will be a learning year for him, but he will most definently be a monster in the years to come, who knows, he may be a monster this year. Like most of our heavier guys he will be bumped around a lot.


Charlie (Mr. Clean) Brown

Charlie is the biggest guy on the team yet he only wieghs 188 pounds. He is fast for his wieght and is hard to takedown or get anything on. He is a great scrambler.





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